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About Us

Sharps Mobile Home Park community began with the view that the retirees would be the ones to live here and to have fun. We know that retirement is a brand-new life journey complete with countless opportunities and Sharps is our way of ensuring that you have an ideal habitat for this chapter of life.

When you get into our community, you will feel warmth in the air, and it does not take long before you become a friend to that neighbor you just met. Residents reside in our Sharps community, and we are so excited to provide them with an environment where social events, shared experiences, and a full sense of belonging is present.

Our Mission

At Sharps Mobile Home Park, we strive to make our residents feel at home, secure and have the time of their lives through:

  1. To ensure a safe and comfortable home for our 55+ residents.
  2. Creating and fostering a wide range of amenities and recreational facilities that are tailored to the different and distinct needs and interests of our community.
  3. To build a robust community environment for residents to create meaningful networks and relish their social lives.
  4. Our service to the customers includes the continuous improvement of quality where every resident feels appreciated, respected, and listened to.
  5. Security, safety, and trust factor play a major role in property management and community governance.

Home Is Where You
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Welcome to Sharps Mobile Home Parkā€”here is where you get your serene haven, where you connect, and thrive.